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Start Living
Why are you crying?
Don't tell me
You've lost it all
And you feel like dieing.
Why are you breathing?
Aren't you tired
Wouldn't you just
Rather be leaving.
Now are you praying?
There is no God
How can you believe
These things that they're saying.
Now why are you lieing?
You say you are happy
But I see the fake smile
From all these things that you're buying.
And shouldn't you be trying?
To become someone
You can respect
Who ain't always sighing.
And couldn't you be winning?
You're playing to lose
Defeat is a shame
So don't keep on grinning.
You better start giving
All that you can
Because doing whatever
  Just is not living.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 1
It takes a fall
To make a man
Able to rise.
It takes love
To leave a heart
Empty with nothing
Sometimes it takes an eternity
Of living with no purpose
To make someone realize
They had meaning all along
And though men fall
Many do not,
Cannot get back up.
Woe to them
They are broken
Their iron will
Could not bend
But snap
Like shattering glass.
But you can,
Will rise.
And rising from the ground
Gaze upon the world
Your eyes seeing
For the first time
This is yours.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 1 2
Fortis Cadere by Ein-Kaltes-Herz Fortis Cadere :iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 0
One Summer Day
Sun shines down on a hot summer day,
Inciting us to the pool, to waste time away.
Rain falls somewhere in the gutters we lay,
It's our first drink today, with a cold night as pay.
A night on the town, a drink with the boys,
We're loving the laughs the chicks and the noise.
Here in the orphanage food ain't all he deploys.
We got lots of bruises but we never got toys.
Clicking fiercely you can't understand,
Safe in a chair you make your last stand.
A boy playing the same game in his home land,
Has tears on his cheeks AK in his hand.
And if we just take some time to stop,
and appreciate all the things we've got.
Then we'll realize the misfortune of others,
While we grow fat they sit and rot.
And it kind of spoils the mood,
Forget about it, have another shot.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 0
The Path that No One Knows
Hours true to the name
Are filled with nothing but time
You live your hours in seconds
Your duration drenched crime
Because with pride so thick
You presume too far
Trying to make a difference
Don't you know who you are?
You're not the only one
With nothing to win, everything to lose
The only songs written about you
Man, will be the Blues.
And then they say,
Well here is your role, Hero.
Die alone.
But we know,
We see the truth,
Tragic hero.
It was you who saved them.
It was you who showed them the way.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 2 8
it Can be broken
Everyone wonders
At one time or another
About what went wrong
What blunder opened these wounds
That refuse to heal
So we try our best to stop the bleeding
But these hurts are too deep for stitches.
Here we are still dreaming
Dreaming the same old lie
If it can be broken, it can be fixed
So we try our best to renew this home
To mend trust between neighbours
Because everyone wants peace on Earth
But we know
Not everyone wants to share it.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 0
How Could I Resist by Ein-Kaltes-Herz How Could I Resist :iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 1 0 ID showing the colours by Ein-Kaltes-Herz ID showing the colours :iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 1
Whose Tears Are These
Who is this baby crying
This heart shattering sound.
Whose tears are these?
That flood the soul
Till we must drown
To swim in that sadness
Is to keep our humanity.
Who is he who
Struggles for the shore
Who must remain dry
Till his soul crumbles
And fades to bitterness.
What hands would deny
To comfort this infant
For the colour of it's skin.
But is it not the beliefs
That forge the man
And whose beliefs are these?
Are beliefs a hereditary trait?
Lamarck is wrong
What are this child's beliefs
Not his father's
Not his mother's
And whose tears are these?
Are they innocent tears
That we refuse
To wash away.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 3
Formless Burning
Did you feel the air coalesce
Just before the rashes boiled
We've learned our lesson, more or less
Colossus shouldn't have toiled.
Mutants sprouting arms and legs
But this ain't no game
They hang, cancerous dregs
While the stricken scream God's name
With no defiance lit
Spread around
No eye to see it
But the bodies on the ground
It don't obliterate,
This formless burning,
It disassociate
Leaves nothing for yearning
At least we know the reason
That much we can say
The life giver is the one
That'll take it all away
Now you can try to run
But you won't get very far
Because we see our precious sun
Was a morning star.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 1 1
Writer's Block
It is a trial to always improve
How can someone, anyone
Constantly do more
And be better for what he has done
And as one man sighs that he cannot get higher
Another man laughs at his arrogance
So you believe you are the top?
There is no breaching your perfection.
But it is not so
The less-than-perfect man assures
There is nothing more I can do
Which makes me anything but perfect
I can only do more of the same
Play repeats, make copies
So why bother?
With every step the stairs get taller
Until you're staring up
Wondering how to get back down
Because you sure as hell can't get up
And there you rot
Walking back and forth on that step
Dreaming for wings to take you higher
But wings are for angels
And poultry
And you are neither
So you better start praying
But God isn't hiring
So your best bet would be reincarnation
To come back as an eagle
Your pride begs freedom
Too bright to be caged
Or as a dove
With infinite love
Hope shines off your white wings
Or even as some filthy scavenger
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 2 2
Axeman by Ein-Kaltes-Herz Axeman :iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 0
Dancing within political war
No heads turn when their saviors' hit the floor
All these fanatic faces blend
No one is slow to scream “Godsend!”
A strong man cries as he lies in wait
To be surrounded, his savior will be too late
His wife and kids are the reason he came to fight
But his wife and kids is what he'll lose tonight
When the man is dead
Fatal wounds flowing red
His mind still there to realize
A form appears before his eyes
And it says
I am the Archangel
Come to pass judgement
To those who are obliged
And to those who demand it.
A once strong man looks meekly upwards
I am the Martyr
Look elsewhere
I don't owe you anything.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 1 3
Where Else
Money leaks like
The old ceiling
Brimming with yellowy decay
Banging announces
Your most loyal friend
Somewhere above you
With your most faithful girl
The chill air flows
Calling forth goosebumps
Like a frigid reminder
That even the skin you live in
Is covered with flaws
The phone rings
As lonely and unanswered
As a church bell sounding
Just before desperation it is
Liberated by the very hand
Which quickly slams it back down
Fury warms within
A shell of flesh and bone
And after the blow
The decorative sign swung
And could be seen
Through broken glass and blood
Home sweet home.
:iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 1 2
Canada Day ID by Ein-Kaltes-Herz Canada Day ID :iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 4 Freshly Shaven by Ein-Kaltes-Herz Freshly Shaven :iconein-kaltes-herz:Ein-Kaltes-Herz 0 3

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The Apocalypse
Silence and hatred
In darkness we're fated
Like ants drowned in oil
We'll writhe and we'll boil.
In terror we'll die
And screaming we'll cry
Yet this hell that we've made
Wont die, wont fade.
We're losing our minds
The world how it binds.
In pain and in fear,
Our end, it comes near.
Ripples in a stream
A cursed hellish dream
Humanity is lost
Under death's cold frost.
Yet no white flag we cast,
Standing ground, holding fast
We fight for our glory
And to continue our story.
But it's been slow suicide
And its about time we died
Mother Earth knows we're useless
And so she is ruthless.
Her super storms speed by
As she fights not to die,
But already she is dead,
Away her life, we have bled.
:iconbrittoneill:brittoneill 1 5
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Sam Denhoff
Eagle. Hair.

Current Residence: Ottawa Ontario
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Classic Rock
MP3 player of choice: Anything with good shit on it.
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that stirs emotions.
Favourite cartoon character: Burnt Face Man?
Personal Quote: Everyone wants peace on Earth, but not everyone wants to share it.
Not gunna say too much about this because I'm too angry to think straight and I don't wanna make a fool of myself but uh.. seriously anarchists breaking shit protesting government, or corporations, or w/e the fuck they are protesting. These fucking wastes of life don't seem to realize that they would be DEAD without government they are useless wastes to society, they clearly are not intelligent, especially the older members who are acting like rebellious teenagers, fuck off idiot get a life, I would love to see the police hurt and arrest ALL of them, sadly it won't happen cuz as I've said before the world is too soft and wouldn't agree to that. The stupid 'non violent' protesters should be arrested as well because they are in the way of justice and are also supporting these retards, showing that they themselves are fucking stupid. That is all. I'd love to be in toronto right now just taking out anarchists, but that's just a dream.
  • Listening to: KO
  • Reading: The Art of War
  • Watching: Miami Ink
  • Playing: Sc2 Beta
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: 3.25% milk.


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optimum256AD Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
Dude, I saw lately some of your comments on some picture, like your views keep up the good work, nice to hear some sane people form time to time.
MyBrennendeLiebe Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm trying ti figure out what your user name is in English. I have One ___ Heart...whats does Kaltes mean? Is that Cold or Iron?
Lain-AwakeAtNight Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009   Photographer
it means a cold heart.
MyBrennendeLiebe Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I figured that out later...I was questioning Kaltes because cold is "Kalt" in German not Kaltes but it also depends on the tense the word is used in. I take German in school and I just wondered if it was the proper German. But thanks for telling me anyway :)
Ein-Kaltes-Herz Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009
Cold is correct, or so I assume, I don't speak German I just admire it.
MyBrennendeLiebe Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I take German in school and I think Kaltes should be Kalt because Kalt means cold, if you got it out of a translator they don't translate very accurately!
The BrennendeLiebe part of my name here is German it means Burning Love. If you would like to listen to some German bands I would suggest listening to Oomph! They are an increiable band and most of the songs come with subtitles! They've helped me learn quiet abit of German!
Ein-Kaltes-Herz Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Oh, and after listening to Oomph!, not bad for sure but I think Die Toten Hosen are better, but I'm a classic rock kinda guy anyway.
(1 Reply)
Ein-Kaltes-Herz Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Yea I did get it out of a translator lol, thanks for the advice, I've been thinking of learning German for a long time, I only know french and English. But I'm busy learning Latin in university at the moment and well, one language at a time is hard enough for me.
Gockt Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
k I saw your reply.
I'm not person who think all Germany = Nazi
That's soo wrong, and I know history enough
and loves history - WW1-WW2 is my fav.

And want to tell u that character is Germany -
form Axis Power Hetalia, and it's kind of satire anime of WW1-2 and some other history.
And I did fan art, so hope there is no misunderstanding.
dricketts Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009
Thank you :rose:
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